• me: damn its hot as fuck outside
  • me: *wears all black*


plucking your eyebrows is legitimately very stressful because you pull out one wrong hair and it’s game over

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when you hear your parents talking shit from another room


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#GirlsCan: Women Empowerment | COVERGIRL: Girls can’t? Yes, they can. Rap, be funny, be off-the-wall, rock, be strong, run the show, make the world a little more easy, breezy and beautiful. (x)

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Anonymous asked:
sag mal :P

U was hast du davon ? ^^ wenn du das anonym weg machst u mir “privat” schreibst sag Ichs dir vlt ;p

Anonymous asked:
wie viele follower? :P

Genug ;p

Ich sehe den Sinn, den du sehen möchtest, da ist aber keiner.
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When you wake up and get your period and you’re like “oh that’s why I was crying uncontrollably last night over a jelly bean”




omfg reblogging till the end of time


"Relax! I learned from Katara. The best there is."
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